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(February 20, 2017)




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We are a law firm with you in mind, one with the background, knowledge and resources that you deserve. We are a boutique practice with over 30 years of combined legal experience that specializes in real estate, income tax and commercial matters where the circumstances require something more than a casual three step with someone just showing up and going through the motions like they’ve done it a a thousand times before, win, lose or draw. We care about our clients. We’re not about running a race and ending up at the starting line. Whether you are selling a commercial building with several hundred thousand square feet, closing on your first home, fighting the IRS or defending a claim that places your family or business in harm’s way, we are amply staffed and ready to help.



                                             Real Estate


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 We are highly specialized in lender representation as to mortgage originations on residential properties and all of the complexities that often come about as to single and multi family dwellings, cooperatives and condominiums. Purchases and refinances are routinely done both in our office and elsewhere within Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties and within the five boroughs of New York City. We place particular emphasis on the troubling issues that tend to arise in connection with Consolidation, Extension and Modification Agreements (“CEMA’s”), first or multi generation, and cooperatives. And our knowledgeable staff stands ready as to HUD-1 Settlement Statements and any number of documents that are required by federal law.


 As to purchases and sales, we are here to guide you every step of the way from contract to closing.


Given the downturn in today’s market, our office has established itself as one of the premier leaders in the legal community for negotiating and closing upon “short sales” where secured lenders and other lienholders are being pushed to compromise, all in the interest of avoiding a foreclosure and formulating a plan that would lie in the best interest of all interested parties. It’s typical in our office to work closely with real estate agents and other professionals in order to best position our sellers as to mortgage lenders and other secured interests like IRS or judgment creditors.




                   Top Ten Do's and Don'ts of Short Sales               www.ShortSales-NY.com





    Income Tax Practice and Procedure


Our tax practice covers everything from tax planning for individuals and business entities to dispute resolution at the state and federal levels inclusive of audits, administrative appeals and litigation before the U.S. Tax Court and the Federal District Courts.


                                        The Five Must Know's of an IRS Audit


                             Offers in Compromise and Installment

                                      Agreements Before the IRS



                                              Collection Matters with the IRS



                                            Staying the Enforcement of a Tax

                                                                  Debt to IRS





                                         Commercial Cases


Whether you seek to collect on a commercial claim or if you are facing a knotty litigation where nobody can seem to agree, our staff of attorneys can assist in all aspects of your case from origination to final verdict. We are mindful of budgets. It’s always our goal to work within a realistic framework, not around it.




The Schwartz Law Group, P.C.


Bethpage Town Square, 326 Broadway, Suite 203

Bethpage, N.Y. 11714

Tel: 516-333-7020